Saturday, April 4, 2009

My life revolves around medication

If I was to have a discussion with anyone today who was facing removal of their thyroid gland I would urge them to get a second opinion, I would tell them to make sure that it was the only option before they went ahead with the surgery. I think most of us are ignorant about the functions of our thyroid gland and it is only now, three years after having mine removed that I have realised it is one of the most important glands in the human body. It is only now after living the way I have for three years that I have an understanding about the life long implications of life with NO thyroid gland.

I had my return visit to the Doctor last week for the results of my recent blood test and unfortunately the results (almost no TSH) indicate that I need to lower my Thyroxine intake. That wasn't the news I was hoping for because in the 3 weeks since I started the higher level of medication I have lost 3kgs, whilst at my previous level of medication I lost only 6kgs in 3 months. So the higher level of medication has basically doubled my weight loss from an average of 500gms per week to 1kg a week putting me on par with a "normal" person using a low carb/low calorie diet.

It is awfully tempting to ignore my Doctors advice (although I'd run out of medication and need a new script too soon) but the risks to my health, among them heart arrhythmia and osteoporosis, are just far too great and when it comes down to it that is far more important than losing weight. Therefore I am going to follow my Doctors advice. I have two thryroxine prescriptions, 100mcg and 50mcg, I was taking a 100 and a 50 every day, what he wants me to try now is one day of 100, two days of 150, one day of 100 and so on. Goodness knows how I will remember that, it may be time to break out my very Nanna like 7-day pill box.

So anyway, the bottom line with all of this is that it looks like my 3 short weeks of jubilation when I see the results on the scales has come to an abrupt end. I think I really just need to come to terms with the fact that I am going to lose weight alot slower than a normal person and that I should consider anything over 500gms a week a bonus.

And after all, any loss is still a loss, right?


  1. Gosh belinda I am so so sorry you are going through this. Really I am so sad to read this post. I have no advice I don't know anything about thyroids but I wanted to send my support. I know how it feels to agree to a major medical procedure and then find out later that maybe it was the wrong decision. I had a transplant a few years ago. It was a non-essential transplant meaning I would not have died or even become ill if I'd declined the donor tissue. Anyway surgically speaking it was a perfect graft. My surgeon gloats about that every time I see him. For me however it is far from perfect. The tissue itself may be grafted perfectly but it doesn't actually function so it is 100% useless to me. Also, I didn't experience pain before and now I do on an almost daily basis. Also it requires constant "tinkering" and that is very expensive and uncomfortable. I totally regret it.

  2. Sorry you are experiencing this Belinda, but don't give up. Even with the challenges you face you are still doing well and losing weight. You only have to look at your weekly weigh-ins to see that.

    I know you can achieve your goals. I'll support you all the way. xxx

  3. Thanks so much for the support ladies, I'm feeling a little sorry for myself right now. So many people do this diet and the weight literally drops off them, they lose 3 and 5kgs in the first week. It just sucks that it has to be so hard for me. I have no trouble following the diet, it's just hard in that I am so strict with myself and I exercise and do everything right for half the result others have.

    So yeah, I'm having a bit of a woe is me moment. I'll get there eventually though and that is what counts.

    C I'm sorry you have also had to suffer for the stuff ups of the medical community. Pain and discomfort daily is no fun at all and it has such a negative emotional impact too, my quality of life has suffered immensely.