Sunday, April 19, 2009

Last weeks weigh in was an anomaly

It must have been, either that or this week is the anomaly, or I need to lower my medication even further and I really dont want to have to do that because this week I have lost 1.2kgs!

I have no idea what I have done this week that I didn't do the week before, in fact I am pretty sure that there was nothing so dramatic to make 1.1kgs of difference, so how the hell I have managed one of my best weekly losses to date I cannot tell you. Perhaps I am making up for last week? Perhaps I am heading into another 100gm week? (please not that again). I am almost too scared to mention this to my Doctor in case he orders another blood test and it shows that I need to lower my meds again. That would be a major bummer.

Anyway tonight is special not just because of the amazing weekly result but also because I have passed 10kgs, one of my "mini" goals! I am nearly halfway to my goal weight of 60kgs and I have promised myself that if I get to 60kgs and I am still moving along nicely, still not feeling too deprived and still motivated I will push myself further to get to 55kgs. I don't think I have been 55kgs since I was about 13 years old. I have no idea what a 55kgs me will look like.

I hope I get to find out.

Stats for this week:
Height: 160cms/5ft3in
Start Date: 28th Dec 2008
Start Weight: 81.4 kgs
Current Weight: 71.3kgs
Lost this week: 1.2kgs
Total Loss: 10.1 kgs
Start BMI: 31.8
Current BMI: 27.8
Goal BMI: 23.4
Goal Weight: 60 kgs
Goal Date: December 2009


  1. Congrats on this weeks ! 1.2kg's is brilliant !

  2. Congratulations!! 1.2kg is awesome!

  3. Well done B! And congrats on loosing 10kgs!