Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mirror, mirror

They say that the mirror never lies. That's crap, who invented that saying anyway? I think the mirror does lie, in fact I know it does.

I know I still have a long way to go and by no stretch of the imagination can I call myself thin, I'm not even close to ideal, butI have made progress, I can see this in the mirror. My reflection does not reveal a spectacular metamorphosis but I am beginning to notice the changes. I am seeing the differences, it's happening, they are there, or at least this is what my deceptive mirror is telling me.

And yet when I get my Hubby to take photos of me so I can compare how I look at the start of each month to how I looked in January and last year I see no difference at all.

It's madness. It defies logic. Therefore I can only conclude that my mirror is a compulsive liar.


  1. it's your eyes that are the problem. sometimes i can't see the thinner me with my lyin' eyes

  2. Carlos you might just be right :)