Monday, February 16, 2009

Weigh In Day! Yay! (not)

It was with fear, actual fear that I did my weigh in last night. I was scared of what might happen if I hadn't lost any weight this week, or only lost a few hundred grams, I was worried about how committed I could remain to this if I didn't get a reasonable result. Not a good feeling to have, bordering on obsessive, unhealthy and a bit scary.

Thankfully though I did get a reasonable result. I'm quite pleased with it in fact. Now I really must make sure I measure myself weekly as well because I have been told time and time again that while I may not have a big difference on the scales it's almost certain that I will with the measuring tape and this may be what I need to keep me going on the weeks when the scale doesn't look as good as it did last night.

I still don't really feel any thinner, my clothes are definitely no looser but I think regardless of that, in the mirror it looks like there may be less of me around the tummy (a problem area of mine).

I was sceptical but I am actually nearing my first "mini goal" which was to get below the "Obese" range on the BMI.

So anyway here are the numbers:

Height: 160cms/5ft3in
Start Date: 28th Dec 2008
Start Weight: 81.4 kgs
Current Weight: 77.6kgs
Lost this week: 1kg
Total Loss: 3.8 kgs
Start BMI: 31.8
Current BMI: 30.3
Goal BMI: 23.4
Goal Weight: 60 kgs
Goal Date: December 2009


  1. That's great Belinda!
    We have pretty similar goals actually - there is only 2kgs between us and we are both going for 60kg. How tall are you?

  2. hey belinda, i notice that you follow my blog so i thought i'd say hi ! and keep up the excellent work on the weight loss :)

  3. Getting below the obese range would be great!!! I'm cheering for you!