Saturday, February 14, 2009


A small diversion from the usual programming today.

It is exactly one week today since the worst bushfires in Australian history killed at least 181 people, destroyed almost 2000 homes, left approx 7000 people homeless, completely flattened at least 2 towns maybe more, and also killed an estimated 1 million native birds, reptiles and animals.

Above: Kinglake, Feb 2009, from

It's been a long week, an awful, sad, horrifying, angry week, and with the knowledge of at least one friend who lost his home and a couple of others who were threatened, a difficult time to be away from my home state. But my sadness can't be even a minute fraction of what those who have been closely involved in this tragedy must feel.

I encourage everyone who hasn't done so already to please donate to the Victorian Bushfire appeal, the CFA, or Wildlife Victoria.

Above: Survivor "Sam" the Koala, from

RIP all the victims of the Victorian Bushfires
Saturday 7th Feb 2009.

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