Friday, February 20, 2009

The Three Great Female Inequalities

1. Boob size
2. Menstrual cycles
3. Food intake/weight

Sometimes I ponder the mysteries of the Universe, like alot of people I wonder about the biggies such as god, afterlife and extra terrestrials, but I also have some other mysteries that I'd like answers for. Three that really really drive me nuts and have me throwing my hands in the air at the complete unfairness of it all are what I call the Great Female Inequalities.

1. First of all is boob size, which is relatively self explanatory isn't it. Why are some women A cups and some women HHH cups? And why does boob size not relate to overall body size? For example; you may see a size 2 waif with natural huge bazoongas (sometimes they actually are natural) and then you get a tragic soul such as myself who at a size 10-12 spent the better part of my adult life as a large A to small B, and only now in the last couple of years as a size 14-16 has graduated to a small C.

My Hubby loves that women's breasts come in all shapes and sizes, he considers diversity a beautiful thing, it makes for far more interesting ogling. But my Hubby has never lived life as a large framed woman with under proportioned breasts, a shape that isn't exactly ideal in our appearance obsessed society. My Hubby also once told me a joke; Q. "how do you make 5 pounds of fat attractive?" A. "put a nipple on it". And that just about sums it up, that is all boobs are, FAT, the stuff that so many of us are either trying to lose or desperately trying to avoid. Put it anywhere else on the body (like on my arse for instance) and it becomes unwanted, ugly, the object of scorn and something that should be hidden lest it offend the beautiful thin people. Put (enough) of it on a female chest and it becomes a thing of beauty, desirable, irresistible. What a crazy, crazy world we live in.

2. The Menstrual Cycle, yes I know it's icky and something we don't talk about/want to hear about, particularly the boy readers, so I'll keep it short and won't go into too much detail.

Why do some women have a small amount of light pink spotting for 2 days (I think these are the ones who embrace their womanhood and claim to love their periods) and yet other women need to take out shares in feminine hygiene companies because they bleed like a stuck pig for 9 days? Why do some women barely get a hint of a cramp and yet others become a walking talking encyclopaedia of menstrual symptoms; mood disturbances, cramps (like someone has inserted a hamster with knives for claws into your uterus), headaches, back pain, bowel upsets, hot flushes, food cravings, depression, anxiety, acne, sore breasts etc. etc. etc?

3. Last but not least and certainly of greatest relevance to this blog is food intake in relation to body mass.

Why is it that some women can eat like Sumo wrestlers, do very little exercise and yet have physiques like gazelles, rarely putting on a gram, while the rest of us need to subsist on lettuce leaves and diet shakes in order to lose a lousy 100 grams here and there or even just maintain a reasonable weight?

I'm not naive enough to believe all the stick thin celebs who come out in damage control mode when accused of being anorexic and claim to be "naturally thin", and that they "eat like horses" and "live on hamburgers and donuts". But I do know that there are people out there who really are like that, I even know some of them personally.

Diet shakes and lettuce leaves aside there are many many of us who will never be able to eat whatever we like. We probably wont even be able to take the odd small diversion into fat-food territory, such as a cupcake with a coffee occasionally, because we have the body type that ensues the cupcakes volume will expand by 200% and it will instantaneously come to rest on our thighs from where it will stubbornly refuse to budge no matter what. I have to ask, where is the fairness in that?

So can anyone shed any light on these great mysteries of life? Anyone?

This is a topic my Hubby and I often debate.
He thinks life is hard for men.
Want to know his gripes about being a man?
What it is exactly that makes life difficult for the hairier sex?

1. Maintaining control of the "driving force" (testosterone)

and wait for it .... this one is deep:

2. Having to shave their face every day.

Yes, you heard it here first, blokes have it tough.

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