Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Judgmental Bitch

My little town is running it's own Biggest Loser competition with prizes and all sorts of incentives. Having been away I had no idea this was going on until yesterday when I saw one of my friends cars parked at the gym so I went in to say "hi, I'm back" and found her in the middle of her assessment with the so called "counselor/nutrition adviser/fitness trainer" who is been paid for by one of the mine companies.

As it turns out a few of my friends are joining up and my friend encouraged me to as well so I went to the trainers office to collect the paperwork and in the natural course of the conversation I let slip that I was on a low carb diet. As Julia Roberts would say, big mistake, HUGE. (too bad I can't add "I have to go shopping and toddle off along Rodeo Drive with my billionaire boyfriends CC).

Stupid, stupid, naive, diet newbie me was under the impression that besides starving yourself, purging, and using diet pills or laxatives almost anything else a person did to get themselves fit and to a healthy weight would be accepted and encouraged, not so.

This woman turned to my friend and said "what's with the low carb fad?", and I responded "it works, I've lost 7 kilos". She then turned back to me and asked almost sarcastically, "so what aren't you aloud to eat? bread, pasta and cereals I suppose?" I said yes they are banned. She said "lots of fruit and vege though?" to which I again responded "yes" and she said "you know they have carbs too?". Derr lady, *eye roll*, I told her I was well aware of this and it was a low carb diet, not a no carb diet. She then turned away from me again, looked at my friend and said "I don't approve". WTF? She doesn't "approve"?

I think some people do think low carb is a fad and they hear about some diets where people drop huge amounts of weight really quickly so I told her that my 7 kilos has been lost over 2.5 months. I also mentioned I am stepping nearly every night too and learning to eat better, not just cutting breads/cereals/pasta out and never eating them again which isn't healthy or realistic, so it's not dangerous and it's very sustainable, she still didn't seem appeased.

I know we all have our ups and downs, our good days and our bad but, weight loss is overall meant to be a positive experience which results in you feeling better about yourself. I am motoring along quite well on my own, I'm getting results and I feel good. I really don't think I need some judgmental bitch telling me off and bringing me down so I don't think I'll be joining.


  1. people are the worst! back biting and hating to make themselves feel better... love love love your blog by the way!