Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm back

Well we're back.

We had a great time in NZ, saw lots of bubbling mud pools, geysers, coloured hot pools, exotic animals and we went on two, yes TWO helicopter rides. One was a planned ride in Rotorua the other a spur of the moment decision in Kaikoura because our Whale Watching Boat Trip was cancelled due to rough seas. We did see Sperm Whales from the helicopter but the 3G circular turns to maintain sight of the whales resulted in me vomiting in the chopper - not fun.

All in all though it was a pretty good trip aside from the flight home from Auckland to Perth. We'd already had two delayed flights, our domestic from Christchurch and then our Perth flight from Auckland so we were 3 hours behind schedule and my nerves were already frayed. But then we copped the screaming demon child from hell on the seat in front of me and as if that wasn't bad enough the person behind me repeatedly jabbed the in seat touch screen and caused me to announce to a flight attendant that I was ready to take hostages. She swiftly passed me a glass of wine which I skulled and then she moved us to the only free seats on the plane, the crew seats in the last aisle. Unfortunately by that stage 6.5 hours of the 7.5 hour flight (which felt like a 12 hour flight) had passed and I only had one hour of peace before landing.

It was THE single worst flight of my life.

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  1. Welcome home!
    I'm sorry you had such a terrible flight, it can really put a dent in an otherwise good trip. Can't wait to see some photos!