Monday, March 23, 2009

Holy shit, it's really working.

We were a little bit "relaxed" with the diet while in NZ. We still had our 2 shakes a day and we tried to have the right snacks but we did indulge, just a little. I had Jamaican banana bread at the Wellington Sunday Market, plus an apple cinnamon scroll later on, damn it was good. We also did have Maccas and Burger King once each and I had Lasagne at the National Museum (which was delicious) but it didn't get too out of hand, plus we did a LOT of walking and we enjoyed it too.

Still, despite my claims of living it up, enjoying my holiday and not obsessing about my diet too much, after those small transgressions I was a tad anxious about coming home and weighing in. Well as it turns out I perhaps should have been more relaxed as I really had nothing to worry about.

I weighed in last night and I have lost 1.3 kilos!

That makes 7 kilos so far with 14.4 to go, I'm a third of the way there. Now for the very first time since I began this diet I am actually beginning to see a difference in my appearance - and I like it!

I'm feeling really motivated.
Yay for me :)

Height: 160cms/5ft3in
Start Date: 28th Dec 2008
Start Weight: 81.4 kgs
Current Weight: 74.4kgs
Lost these weeks: 1.3kgs
Total Loss: 7 kgs
Start BMI: 31.8
Current BMI: 29.1
Goal BMI: 23.4
Goal Weight: 60 kgs
Goal Date: December 2009

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