Thursday, May 21, 2009

When do you weigh?

There seems to be a couple of different schools of thought among those trying to lose weight about the time of day to weigh and how often.

Time of day: I've been doing my weigh in at night but I've recently discovered that alot of people prefer to weigh in the morning as soon as they have got up and peed as they believe this is the time you get the most "pure" result, meaning a result that isn't tainted by what/how much you have eaten and drank throughout the day. This makes sense to me, I mean lets face it, we all want to see the lowest numbers possible when we hit the scales so it seems logical to weigh at a time of day when your belly and bladder will be about as empty as they can get.

I've done morning weighs a couple of time now just to test the theory and on both occasions I was at least 400gms lower than the previous night, so I'm thinking of trialling a change to morning weigh ins.

How often: Another thing about weigh ins is that there seems to be some differing opinions about how often to do it. Some people think you should weigh every day, others believe no more than once a week or even once a fortnight. Those in the latter category think that if you weigh too often you become obsessive and that normal daily weight fluctuations can be too discouraging but those who support weighing every day say it makes you more conscious of the relationship between what you put in your mouth and the resulting changes in your weight.

Me? I weigh every day. I do it mainly because I've never been on a diet before and never been one for weighing myself so this is all new and novel, also I'm a control freak and I just need to know, I think I would feel too out of control and anxious if I only weighed weekly. Another sillier reason is that I use my Wii Fit board to do my weigh ins and if you don't do it every day the damn thing nags you, lol. I think that is something that definitely needs to be addressed by the programmers before they release Wii Fit V2, customers should be able to choose how often they weigh themselves and not be dictated to.

So, when do you weigh and how often?

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