Friday, May 29, 2009

Cupcakes and temptation

Yesterday my daughters school had an "Australia's Biggest Morning Tea" cancer fund-raiser, all the kids had to make hats and bring $2 to buy a cupcake and a milo. My daughter came home triumphant after winning a prize for her aluminium foil teapot hat that I whipped up for her in 20 minutes yesterday morning,lol.

Anyway on Wednesday night one of my friends who also has kids at the school called me and asked if I would come over to her house and help her ice 200 cupcakes for the fund-raiser. I told her it would really test my resolve but if she needed my help, so be it, I was prepared to be tested.

The amazing thing about all of this is that when I arrived at her house there were 200 un-iced cupcakes on her table and benches, and when I left three hours and one cup of coffee later there were still 200 iced cupcakes on her table and bench, I did not eat a single one.

I was telling another friend about the cupcakes this morning. I told her how before this diet I would definitely have had a cupcake. Even if it had been one of those days when I'd looked in the mirror and thought how terrible I looked and said to myself that I had to do "something", promised myself I'd "be good" and not eat the wrong things, I still probably would have had a cupcake, maybe even two or three.

I surprised myself by not eating a cupcake. I still crave certain foods like rice and pasta and yummy cakey things but it has now got to the stage where I can even smell those things yet not have an overwhelming desire to consume them. I never knew how strong my willpower could be, it feels good.

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