Saturday, May 23, 2009

Injured and can't do stepping - OMG I'm going to gain weight!

This morning I woke up with a really sore knee, it's really, seriously painful, I don't know how I have managed to hurt myself so badly without even noticing it (scary). I can't walk properly, I have to walk really slow and I limp, I can't really put weight on it at all without pain. It aches just sitting still, I can't straighten it without pain and I can't bend it without pain and it's tender to the touch.

So we went to the hospital at about 5pm to get it looked at as I could not cope with the pain any longer (I can't take anti inflammatories like Naprosyn and Advil because of my ulcers, I can only take paracetamol which does nothing). I was examined by a very vague agency temp nurse, not one of regular nurses who lives in town, and she told me off for doing stepping as my exercise. Stepping is apparently the single worst exercise for knees, so she told me about 10 times. Whether it's to blame for my current state we still don't know but it's certainly what she was pointing the finger at.

The nurse then called the Doctor for advice. I have been put on ibrufoen (an anti inflammatory) and the dose of my anti stomach acid medication, somac, has been doubled. I'm not sure how that works but this is what they gave me, god I hope they know what they are doing and I don't end up with a bleeding ulcer! She also strapped my knee and I have been given crutches and told to stay off it. Without the benefit of ultrasound or x-ray they are not sure if tendon, muscle or cartiledge is the problem but if it's not alot better by Monday or Tuesday I have to go back to see the Doctor.

So I was pretty much told I shouldn't do stepping as my form of exercise at all but at the very least I'm not meant to do it for a week.

This is a real hiccup for my weight loss program, not happy, not happy at all :(


  1. hope you feel better soon Bel.

    First time I have ever heard of stepping being the worst form of exercise though. surely running on pavement would be worse :S

    feel better soon


  2. You would think so huh?
    According to the nurse from hell stepping puts ALOT of pressure on the kneecap.