Thursday, January 8, 2009


Regrets about being fat:

1. I didn't have many pictures taken of me whilst pregnant, and none of my bare belly. My only pregnancy - ever - and I only have two photos of me pregnant and I hate them both.

2. Feeling old before my time, not being able to wear nice, fashionable clothes, instead wearing frumpy oversized stuff to cover-up.

3. Being a "fat Bride", hating how I looked on my Wedding day, and hating that my dress was a size 14. I think we have some lovely Wedding pics, kudos to our photographer, but every time I look at them I wish I had been thin and beautiful on that day.

4. Not having more pics taken of myself, and of the three of us together during our Holiday to Paris and the UK last year because I don't like how I look. The trip I had waited my whole life for and theres so few pics with me in them.

5. Not swimming, which is something I really enjoy, as much as I would have liked to in the last few years. Particularly this summer when I've been really feeling the heat.

6. Spending so much of my life walking around embarrassed and feeling like a slob.

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