Friday, July 10, 2009

Tonsillitis is the new diet

I am having another pissed off with-the-medical-profession week.

You see I am of an age where here in Australia it became the "done thing" to not remove childrens/teenagers tonsils. Despite the fact that I used to get 4-6 bouts of tonsillitis per year, and despite the fact that they would pus, bleed and cause me enormous degrees of pain, it never seemed quite bad enough for Doctors to decide my tonsils needed removal. So, to this day I suffer for it, and I am yet to meet a doctor who will remove them because it is apparently a much riskier procedure on an adult.

So here I am yet again suffering with tonsillitis. I feel like I've been eating red hot razor blades, my throat burns and aches with the kind of pain that only those who suffer repeatedly from tonsillitis can understand. I went to the Doctor yesterday and got a penicillan injection in the butt, I prefer this to oral antibiotics because it works alot quicker. With oral meds the sore throat can persist for 4-7 days, this way I have a very sore left butt cheek for a couple of days but at least the agonising sore throat shouldn't last more than another day or so.

The big downside of all this is that my appetite is totally non-existent, and if you know anything about dieting you'll know that despite what some people might think, not-eating is actually not an effective dieting tool, it is in fact quite a bad thing, you know, starvation mode, fat hoarding and all that. So I'm not overjoyed to be having zero interest in food. And it's not just my appetite, I don't want to swallow anything (be nice people) so I am chronically dehydrated, something else that isn't good in diet world. I know when you are sick fluids are majorly important but it is so hard to drink anything. As for food, of the little I have eaten in the last few days I've mainly gravitated to nice soft, mushy non diet approved things like mashed potato, ice-cream and my hubby's yummy meatloaf. Bad, bad, bad.

So I'm telling you all this just so you know not to expect anything too special for weigh in on Monday!


  1. you know that if you tell a doctor you want a referal to an ENT due to severe tonsilitis (say 8 times a year), they should send you to one? I demanded that my GP refer me on, and he did. the specilist was suprised it took so long for me to see him! :(

    Good luck chook

  2. oh I don't get it that often any more. This is probably the first time in about 18 months, which I think is the longest I have ever gone, obviously my advanced age means I don't pick up as many infections, lol. Still bloody painful though and makes me wish they had been taken out.