Monday, July 13, 2009

Don't ask me because I don't know wtf happened this week

You know most weeks I do everything right. I eat all the right things and don't eat any of the wrong things, I drink 2 litres of water a day, and I exercise 30 minutes a day. Most of the time I follow the diet to the letter and yet I still have weeks when I only lose 300-500gms.

This week being unwell with tonsillitis I did all the wrong things. I didn't eat enough and I didn't snack when I should, I ate potatoes and chips, I've barely had any water and I have not exercised one day all week, and yet this week I have lost 900gms.

How did that happen? That is not how diets are supposed to work, it doesn't make sense.

Height: 160cms/5ft3in
Start Date: 28th Dec 2008
Start Weight: 81.4 kgs
Current Weight: 64kgs
Lost this week: 900gms
Total Loss: 17.4kgs
Start BMI: 31.8
Current BMI: 25
Goal BMI: 23.4
Goal Weight: 60 kgs
Goal Date: December 2009


  1. UMMMMM ....I don't know whether to commiserate or congratulate.

    Maybe the loss was all the hard work you put in last week? Maybe you'r body's just said...meh...who cares I'm going to shed anyway.

    No explanation. But hey, take it. I exercised my butt off last week and lost 200 grams HUH? Maybe this week will be better.

    Hope you're feeling better