Monday, July 6, 2009

The time has come the Walrus said

Well I have finally gone under the 65kg mark so I've officially made the change, I have now reset my goal as 55kgs. It was nice when it was at 60kgs, seeing that I only had 5kgs to go and now it is back up to 9.9kgs but that isn't too bad, after how far I have come 9.9kgs to go isn't too overwhelming and I am confident of getting there.

I've been lazy this week and haven't done alot of exercise, I've also had potaotoes a couple of times since last Monday. I can pass up the pasta, the bread and the rice but potatoes are my real weakness, particularly like I mentioned in my last post, during this cold weather. I'm still following the rest of the diet well, eating the right things at the right times and not eating any other things I shouldn't be, it's just been those couple of times at night with the main meal.

Despite my slip ups it's been a good week, quite a bit better than the last couple. I've worn those super tight jeans out a few times in the last week, it takes a bit of an effort to zip them up, lol, but they are comfy enough and I really like how they look. As for the other pairs which were a good fit a month ago when I bought them, well they are actually a little bit loose now and I don't like that, I think it makes me look like a real slob, I look fatter than I am and that is the last thing I want. I've always tended to wear loose fit jeans but it seems, on me at least, that they do look better tight.

Bring on the size 10's!
(that's a size 6 for my US readers)

Height: 160cms/5ft3in
Start Date: 28th Dec 2008
Start Weight: 81.4 kgs
Current Weight: 64.9kgs
Lost this week: 800gms
Total Loss: 16.5kgs
Start BMI: 31.8
Current BMI: 25.3
Goal BMI: 23.4
Goal Weight: 60 kgs
Goal Date: December 2009


  1. I'm so pleased for you...bloody amazing! Just think by Christmas, actually well before that, you'll be down to the weight you want and feeling pretty damn good!...even better than you feel now.

    Well done.